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Oriental Foot
Reflexology - Testimonials

At Oriental Foot Reflexology we pride ourselves in providing unequaled and 100% authentic Chineese Foot Reflexology and Tui Na experience!

Read about our happy customers's experiences:

«I must admit that at first I was very skeptical of the benefits I was told I could get from foot reflexology, but I can say honestly that this was a total surprise. I have had a nagging pain at the base of my neck for years. The therapist told me that there is a direct connection from my feet to the nerves in my neck and that they could release the pressure by working on my feet. After about 30 minutes I could actually feel my neck loosening and the pain leaving. I also got about ten minutes of a massage on my neck as well.

It was really a miracle. I definitely left feeling like a new person. Everyone was so nice and I felt like they really cared about me. I hope others will try this out. I am happy to write this recommendation for Oriental Foot Reflexology.»

Louise T.

Oriental Foot Reflexology Testimonials

Oriental Foot Reflexology Testimonials

"This place is amazing! $45 for one hour foot massage. = Heaven.

I almost don't want to write about my wonderful Watertown oasis. The rooms are clean, quiet and the chairs are amazing. You just sink in for a solid 60 of relaxation.

First they start off with a warm bucket of water with rose petals then the reflexology begins. Somewhere about half way through I drift off into a dream-like state where I don't quite know where I am, but it's amazing. Can't wait to go back!"

«I have been to the other foot reflexology stores around and this is the real deal. I have traveled to China many times and can tell you this place is just like the spas in Beijing. The staff was really friendly and the treatment was simply wonderful.

The owner, Bonnie, met me at the front desk and was so cheerful it immediately comforted me. The place is very well decorated and very clean. The rooms are just like in China. The therapist started off with a rose water soaking, a great massage and then spent the next 45 minutes working on my feet. As I said, everyone was just so friendly and the service was great. I cannot recommend enough. I will be back.»

Tim D.

Oriental Foot Reflexology Testimonials

Oriental Foot Reflexology Testimonials

«I've been coming here every month or so for the past year and I always feel so relaxed and happy when I leave. I buy the discounted package of 6 Beijing Spa treatments for $240 (comes out to about $40 per massage versus the normal price of $59 each) and I've never had a problem with the deal being honored. When you buy the package, you receive an envelope with 6 laminated cards and I present a card each time I come (or two if my husband is with me).»

An. T

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