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Oriental Foot Reflexology -
Oriental Spa Portfolio

Oriental Foot Reflexology has been recreated here in Waltham, Massachusetts authentic reflexology spa as one would find in Beijing, China. See our Oriental Spa Portfolio!

Our rooms are appointed with relaxing spa chairs from China and Bose sound systems. Our Spa is newly constructed and cleanliness is our virtue.

Oriental Spa Portfolio - OrientalFR

Oriental Spa Portfolio

Oriental Foot Reflexology


«I've been coming here every month or so for the past year and I always feel so relaxed and happy when I leave. I buy the discounted package of 6 Beijing Spa treatments for $240 (comes out to about $40 per massage versus the normal price of $59 each) and I've never had a problem with the deal being honored. When you buy the package, you receive an envelope with 6 laminated cards and I present a card each time I come (or two if my husband is with me).»

An. T

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