At Oriental Foot Reflexology you will experience an authentic Chinese foot reflexology treatment session. Our staff will ask you if you have any particular ailments or areas where you experience tension or stress. We begin with a rose water mineral bath for your feet. During the soaking process our therapists will give you a relaxing neck and shoulder massage utilizing Tui Na techniques to relieve stress in these areas known to be where the body retains stress and tightness.

The professionally trained staff is also experienced in Tui Na, a form of body work that utilizes the body – meridian system to clear obstructions in the natural flow of energy in the body. For thousands of years the Chinese have used this system to relieve stress and promote overall health.

You can experience a foot reflexology session, a session of Tui Na or both. Our goal is to make you feel much better than when you came in!

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Enjoy the authentic experience of Beijing's spas here in Boston with the Beijing Spa Treatment package, featuring the best of all our services. The hour-long session begins with fifteen minutes of hand reflexology and bodywork focused on your head, neck and shoulders. Then, begin a half-hour of foot reflexology by immersing your feet in a rose-scented medicinal bath of herbs and minerals. Finally, stretch out for fifteen minutes of shoulder and lower-back bodywork to eliminate knots and ease tension. The ultimate in relaxation, this package leaves you feeling terrific.

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For a full treatment of foot reflexology we offer a standard session of 60 minutes. This includes a rose water mineral bath for your feet to soak and relax for 10 minutes and then 50 minutes of reflexology targeted to your specific area in need of treatment. Please see our 'What To Expect' page describing the benefits of reflexology and an explanation of this unique treatment.

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A one hour treatment of Tui Na will utilize this traditional treatment of acupressure to target areas that will restore the natural flow of energy throughout your body. This very relaxing and energizing form of bodywork is both revitalizing and will relieve stress and tension. Please see our 'What To Expect' page describing the benefits of Tui Na.

Extended Sessions info and cost

For those desiring extended sessions we offer:

› 90 minutes of Tui Na - $90.00
› 2 hours of Tui Na - $120.00

› 90 minutes of foot reflexology - $60.00
› 2 hours of foot reflexology - $70.00


Oriental Foot Reflexology encourages our clients to book appointments in advance. You can call us during our normal business hours of 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM to schedule an appointment at any of our facilities:

› 32 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown - 617-393-8888
› 875 Main Street, Waltham - 781-788-6666

We welcome walk-ins but cannot always guarantee that our staff will be available so we encourage appointments. Our last appointment begins at 9:00 PM.


Does this really work?

This type of therapy is utilized by hundreds of millions of people in China for thousands of years. Just about everyone who comes to Oriental Foot Reflexology leaves telling us they feel better from the experience.

How often do I need to come for this to be effective?

This varies greatly depending upon what the therapy is being used for. For certain types of ailments regular visits are recommended. Other times, if the need is just to relieve stress or help your tired feet a one off visit is all that is required.

Is this therapy best done individually or as a group?

In China, reflexology spas are in many ways a social event. Groups of people will come together and have a good time together. In some cases where a particularly difficult ailment is being treated it may be best to be in an individual room to work one on one with your therapist.

Where have the therapists been trained?

Most of the therapists at Oriental Foot Reflexology have been trained in China. There are a number of schools in America that now teach Reflexology which some of our therapists have attended. Many LMT’s have been exposed to reflexology as part of their training.

Do I need to disrobe?

No, you need only take off your shoes and socks and we will roll up your pants. For Tui Na, disrobing into your undergarments is preferable and more comfortable and you will be under a sheet for the therapy.

Do the therapists get tips?

Tipping is optional, but we think if our staff makes you feel great your generosity would be greatly appreciated.